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Welcome to VELA Dhi GLOW Pratunam! We’re located in the heart of Pratunam, hub of indulgent shopping and fantastic cuisine. The name literally means ‘watergate’ because it’s at the site of the historic of a historic canal gate built by King Rama V. If you take a look from your window, you might spot ferries cutting back and forth along the canal on their way across the city.

Each VELA Dhi property has been inspired by the history and anecdotes of its locale. Here at VELA Dhi Glow Pratunam, you will experience the long history of Pratunam, one of Bangkok’s oldest – and largest – wholesale clothing markets. Our design seamlessly interweaves the concept of fabric and textiles. So while you’re here, see if you can identify these subtle hints!

Each of our rooms have been designed with travellers like you in mind. We focus on only the essentials, but we promise to deliver only the best. Selecting only high thread count covers, our duvets will glide smoothly across your skin. Our selection of firm and soft pillows will ensure you slip into sleep as if you never left your own bed. To top that off? Our chef brings you the most authentic of Thai food from breakfast to dinner. This way, you won’t have to wander far to get a true taste of Thai!

We invite you to join our universe – one that’s relaxed, yet energetic; minimalistic, yet creative; contemporary, yet Thai at heart.

Breaking hotel food stereotypes

VELA Dhi is a contemporary brand, yet Thai at heart. Priding ourselves on enriching your travel experiences, we ensure your cultural explorations does not end at the hotel door. Whether its to kick start your day or to wind down after a day of adventure, fuel your body’s needs at our dining room. Travel the world at the buffet table, sample the liquors of Thailand at the bar, and share unforgettable stories in the lounge.

A focus on quality essentials

VELA works tirelessly to ensure an affordable experience without compromising on style, quality, comfort and what modern travellers need. Recreating home comforts, our warm hospitality, relaxing ambience, plush bedding and premium linen ensures travellers feel comfortable and at ease, empowering them with the assurance to explore the city.

Channel your inner explorer

We know you’re keen to explore, and what better place to get a true-blue Thai tourist experience than Bangkok. Up for a watery adventure? Head for the canal and see where it takes you! Prefer to stay dry? Whizzing around the city on the back of motorbikes is the most thrilling way to get to where you want to go. Zip in and out of serpentine sois, stopping on the way to sample roadside treats. Our drivers are top-notch and so are the helmets, so pop on a lid and see the city from the pillion side!

At VELA Dhi, we live for the moments — let us know how we can make yours extra special.

Live for the moments.

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