VELA Dhi Nakhon Phanom

Immerse in the VELAverse at VELA Dhi Nakhon Phanom

Welcome to VELA Dhi Nakhon Phanom! We’re a lifestyle hotel inspired by the ‘slow living’ charm of Nakhon Phanom, a religious riverside province renowned as the land of holy relics. The hotel’s design concept centers around the long-standing legend of the Naga, the Mekong River’s guardian.

At VELA Dhi Nakhon Phanom, we don’t have a lobby, we have a panoramic viewpoint. We don’t have rooms, we have hideaways. Check-in and embark on a tranquil journey of self-discovery, and maybe uncover the deep secrets of the Mekong river along the way.

Each of our caverns are created with travellers like you in mind. Our cloud-like beds, feathered pillows and fluffy duvets will engulf you as you slumber your way through the mystical world. Meanwhile, our communal spaces are the perfect place for like-minded travellers to retreat from city chaos and luxuriate in the wonders of nature.

We invite you to join our universe – one that’s relaxed, yet energetic; minimalistic, yet creative; contemporary, yet Thai at heart.

A focus on quality essentials

VELA works tirelessly to ensure an affordable experience without compromising on style, quality, comfort and what modern travellers need. Recreating home comforts, our warm hospitality, relaxing ambience, plush bedding and premium linen ensures travellers feel comfortable and at ease, empowering them with the assurance to explore the city.

Breaking hotel food stereotypes

VELA Dhi is a contemporary brand, yet Thai at heart. Priding ourselves on enriching your travel experiences, we ensure your cultural explorations does not end at the hotel door. Whether its to kick start your day or to wind down after a day of adventure, fuel your body’s needs at our dining room. Travel the world at the buffet table, sample the liquors of Thailand at the bar, and share unforgettable stories in the lounge.

Channel your inner explorer

Ladies and gentlemen, we have now landed in Nakhon Phanom. At this time, you may use your cellular phones, but we recommend you keep it off. There’s nothing to search for; simply discover the healing magic of this Isan hidden gem. Situated by the Mekhong River, Nakhon Phanom is most well-known for its myriad of Buddhist sites. Locals travel from all around the country to worship relics of the Buddha and discover the legend of the Naga, but also to experience the charm of this unique town. No high-rise buildings, commercial areas, or traffic, Nakhon Phanom is the perfect escape from the rhythm of urban life. Take time to immerse in the beautiful scenery, appreciate the classic architecture, and indulge in the vibrant local food scene. Need a little help getting started? Check out our VELA City Insider for a special guide curated by the city locals!

At VELA Dhi, we live for the moments — let us know how we can make yours extra special.

Live for the moments.

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