Live for the moments.

VELA360 is a collection of modern hotels with undeniable Thai roots.

Our Story

VELA360 believes travel plays a pivotal role in shaping who we are. Guided by this belief, we strive to be not only your local host, but also your travel companion at every destination. Our distinctive hotel experiences are designed to capture the spirit of the stories we adore, pique our guests’ curiousity and provide optimal comfort throughout their stay.

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A place with unique and refined designs that reflects the legends of the locales. Each property is a mini VELAverse full of surprises waiting for you to discover.


A place where you can come as you are and be who you are. We’re all different here, but we think you’ll like it.


At VELA hotels, we believe we’re not just a hotel, but a part of your travel experience. Fueled by our passion for travel and hospitality, our team strives to foster a dynamic community that will enrich your journey – one beyond the city’s usual “tourist attractions.”

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Thoughtfully-designed rooms, cozy communal spaces and the very best of essentials.

Live for the moments.

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