Dining at VELA Dhi Udon Thani: Showcasing Culinary Traditions

Eating in a foreign country may be the surest, truest way to its soul. So what better way to experience Isan than to try its food? Known for its pungent sauces and spicy chillies, Isan food is different, but a universal favorite among locals and foreigners. Want to know why its so loved? Try it for yourself! Here at VELA Dhi, we bring you only the most original flavorful tastes. Join us and other like-minded explorers on this adventure of authentic food and storytelling.

No need for ties and bows, this is Thailand, not tie-land! Come as you are, settle into a sofa and be whisked away by these tall travellers’ tales.

Yham Arun Restaurant

They say an army marches on its stomach. Well, so do travellers! It is our mission to keep your belly full and satisfied so you’re always ready for a day full of adventure. Our chefs are locals of the area so it doesn’t get anymore authentic than this. Be bold and try a local dish from our menu!

Lherk Lhao Cafe and Bar

Whether you need a coffee to kickstart your day, or a drink to wind down, we’ve got you! Whatever you desire, our baristas and bartenders will whip it up at their pleasure. Not sure what you want? Feel free to see if they can read your mind!

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